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YouTube News: Content Providers Trade Takedowns for a Piece of the Action

The New York Times reports that Hollywood studios and other big content providers are no longer leaping to send DMCA takedown notices when John Q. Infringer posts a hilarious clip from Good Luck Chuck. Sensibly, they’re letting YouTube keep the clips up in exchange for a chunk of ad revenue. YouTube benefits too — the Google subsidiary’s revenues are way up and the site is nearing profitability for the first time.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt on YouTube’s strategy:

The strategy had been to amass “an audience first, then figure out the tools that will create the revenue, then you go to the content partners and say, ‘Hey, look guys,’ ” Mr. Schmidt said. “And I think we’re at that point now.”

Hey, wasn’t that pretty much what Viacom alleged YouTube’s strategy to be in its failed billion-dollar lawsuit against YouTube? Also, doesn’t Google’s evident ability to find copyrighted user-posted content on YouTube, slap ads on it, then find the copyright owner in order give it a share of the ad revenue undermine Google’s argument in that same lawsuit that it couldn’t be expected to monitor user-posted content to that degree? I suppose it’s a moot point, since the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, ruling in favor of YouTube/Google, said that the DMCA didn’t impose that level of responsibility on YouTube and that YouTube’s demonstrated ability to comply with massive takedown notices from Viacom proved the DMCA’s notice-and-takedown scheme works just fine to control infringement.

In terms slightly less polite than Schmidt’s, Google’s copyright strategy has often involved taking hold of other people’s content, finding an audience for it, and then saying to the copyright owner, “Hey, we’ve just found an audience for your content, do you want to file suit against the eight-hundred-pound gorilla of the Internet, or do you want to work with us to monetize this opportunity?” It’s a risky strategy but it makes practical sense, and, as seen here, it can produce wins for everyone involved.

Another Google product/division which I expect to eventually take this road is Google Books. I’ll be very surprised if, after digitizing all those millions of books, they don’t create an  opt-in e-book program or cut deals with copyright holders to insert ads into the samples already available online.

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