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6 TV Shows About Young Lawyers (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

TV shows about the legal industry seem to be on the upswing. This morning, NBC announced it had partnered with Conan O’Brien’s Conaco to produce a new legal drama entitled “Justice,” about a Supreme Court justice who leaves the court to start his own law firm.* The New Tork Times’s recent look at the tough situation in which new law school grads find themselves (a situation the authors of this blog know absolutely nothing about) noted the incogruously breezy tone of the new Fox legal dramedy “The Deep End,” a program it ungraciously panned some days later.

*Never mind that this would be the equivalent of the Pope quitting to become a Bible salesman. It’s television, and television doesn’t have to make sense.

In considering these two new shows, we were plagued with deja vu. A little Internet research, including a look at this canonical list of television shows about lawyers, confirmed our suspicion that there have been quite a number of shows about young lawyers, in and out of the company of Supreme Court justices, produced in the past ten years — these shows just don’t seem to last long enough for anyone to get a chance to watch them. We had honestly never seen, or even heard of, any of the following shows, and more’s the pity.

1) “Supreme Courtships” – A 2007 Fox pilot about “the lives of six Supreme Court clerks and the judges they work for.” At least one of the characters,”Holly,” was a “sexy overachiever.” Overachiever? Really? Someone with a job that’s damn near impossible to get is an overachiever. You don’t say. Whether the Supreme Court clerk selection process produces sexy results is another issue entirely, as Supreme Court clerks are the biggest nerds on the planet.

2) “First Monday” – Another show about Supreme Court justices and their clerks, this one perhaps a bit more serious than “Supreme Courtships,” “First Monday” ran for one season in 2002. Dahlia Lithwick’s review in Slate, one of the scant scraps of evidence of this show’s existence, describes it as terrible and involving a lot of shouting.

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