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Roundup – 3/26

The latter half of the week was pretty slow but here’s what we’ve been reading.  Sorry about it being so music heavy, but I figure you all know about Google and China at this point.

Indian music site Rhythm House has fashioned voodoo dolls out of popular artists for an antipiracy campaign.  Above is Lady Gaga.  See also, Kiss, Madonna 50 cent, Slash

Speaking of piracy, the head of the International Actors’ Federation believes that the term “Piracy” is too sexy and should be taken back from filesharers.

THRESQ sheds more light on Bieber’s manager and malltweetgate

Prince is broke. 
If they foreclose on Paisley park, I’m moving to Minnesota.


Justin Bieber’s Manager Arrested for Not Tweeting

I don’t even know what to say about this.