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Craft Brewers Shun Product Name Dispute, Create “Collaboration not Litigation Ale”

In 2004, two craft brewers, Adam Avery of Avery Brewing of Colorado and Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing of California, met at the Great American Beer Festival. Comparing notes about their respective product lines, they came to the uncomfortable realization that one of Avery’s beers shared the name “Salvation” with one of Cilurzo’s. Worse, both beers were Belgian ales — Avery’s Salvation is a Belgian golden ale and Russian River’s Salvation is a Belgian strong ale.

The two brewers found themselves on the brink of a product name dispute. Rather than calling in the lawyers, however, they drew upon their brewing talents to concoct a unique solution. Together, they set to work on a blend of the two Salvations. Cilurzo’s wife dubbed the blend “Collaboration Not Litigation Ale.” Two years later, the blend went into production as a seasonal brew.

Collaboration Not Litigation Ale, variously categorized as a Belgian strong ale or a Belgian brown ale, gets fairly high marks at RateBeer. At 8.97% ABV, however, lawyers with court in the morning might want to opt for something a little tamer.

While perusing the beer aisle in my local Whole Foods yesterday, I came across a fresh shipment of Collaboration Not Litigation Ale. As a conscientious lawyer, I was happy to see people avoid unnecessary litigation, and as a beer drinker, I was even happier to see that creative negotiation had brought more delicious beer into the world.


February 2010 North Carolina Bar Exam Results Are Out

This post is for my North Carolina friends who are awaiting their bar exam results. I just got mine in the mail — and I passed. Good news to be sure.

Interestingly, the letter is dated March 27 – a Saturday. Usually the letters go out on a Friday.

I live near Chapel Hill, about thirty miles from Raleigh, where the Bar Examiners are located, so those of you in Charlotte or Wilmington might have to wait until tomorrow to get your results.

Good luck to those of you still awaiting your results, and those of you in other states too. I hear Florida’s results are due very soon.