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File Under: “Duh”

I’ve been purposely holding off on posting anything about Apple’s new iPad. First, because there’s been a deluge of coverage across the net and I didn’t want to add to the noise. Secondly, because the various IP issues involved, frankly, aren’t that interesting yet. Sure, a trademark dispute was inevitable, but Apple will throw tons of money at Fujitsu and this will go away quietly.

One little nugget of news that I couldn’t let slide, however, was the announcement that the admin of Installous, the popular iPhone program that lets you install cracked apps on a jailbroken phone, was shutting the project down for legal reasons. The admin claims that he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong until he was able to track down the ever elusive and always expensive breed of strange mammal known as the copyright lawyer. [ed note: we're not that hard to find, look for a post soon outlining some resources].

Installous’s modus operandi was that they were in the clear since they were not the ones cracking the applications that were available in the app. Just like Napster, though, a site’s admin can be held vicariously liable for assisting its users in infringing the copyrights of others. The news of the shutdown is a small victory to iPhone app developers, who have lost an estimated 75% of sales, or $450 million, to piracy.